What can I do about it (treatment)?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no cure. There is also no single treatment for mitochondrial disease and treatment will need to be tailored for each individual. However, appropriate lifestyle changes are an effective treatment.

The general principals rely on the ‘energy balance equation’, that is, to minimise energy losses and to optimise energy gains. This reduces stress on the mitochondria and creates the optimal environment for the mitochondria to function.

The best way to manage ‘energy loss’ is to have adequate rest and to avoid physical stresses such as infections and big temperature changes, as well as emotional stresses.

Optimising ‘energy in’ will require adequate sleep and nutrition, and a balanced and regular exercise program.

To optimise the mitochondrial environment, we often use what is called a ‘mitochondrial cocktail’ which involves a variety of vitamin and cofactor supplementation. There is no ‘standard’ cocktail.

Regular visits to a specialist will monitor any progression or changes in the illness and if found early enough, each complication or development can be better managed.