Could it be mitochondrial disease?

Until about five years ago, mitochondrial disease (the name, not the disease), did not seem to exist. It is an illness that seems to have suddenly appeared and one that most GPs don’t know about. Therefore, it’s easy to think that it must be rare, unimportant, or even not serious.

However, type ‘Mitochondrial Disease’ into Google and faces appear of people who have it, many are children. Although medicine continues to advance rapidly, why is this illness not being considered, and why do most sufferers remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed?

Many experts refer to mitochondrial disease as the ‘notorious masquerader’ because it mimics so many different illnesses, affecting both children and adults. Due to its widespread variety and severity of symptoms, diagnosing mitochondrial disease can be extremely difficult.

Recent research demonstrates that mitochondrial mutations are present in at least 1 in 250 people and that at least 1 in 5,000 will develop serious illness. So here’s how we summarise mitochondrial disease…

‘…any organ, any symptom, any age’